Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympian Quote #1

So, just like over 3.5 million Americans, I am an avid viewer of the 2010 Winter Olympics... sort of. I am addicted to men's ice hockey. Just last night, I stayed up and watched the entire Russia-Slovakia game until 3 AM, and man, was it worth it. Not very high scoring, but fast action on both sides of the rink, and one thriller of a finish as Slovakia shocked the world by defeating the mighty Russians. It's amazing to me how Malkin can be a superstar in the NHL... to basically a role player in the Olympics, while Crosby is leading Canada. Interesting...

Anyway, the main topic of my post are the ridiculous quotes that I've heard or read thus far in these Olympic Games. They might be superior athletes, but when it comes to coming up with memorable/intelligent quotes... I'm glad they stuck to athletics in grade school.

Here is Olympian Quote #1:

"The best way I can describe it is to go up onto the thirtieth floor of any building, and then get in the car and drive that car off the top roof, and then land safely. That is pretty much what it is."
American Todd Lodwick on real-life comparisons to Ski jumping.

BTW.... to revert back to the whole hockey thing... I can honestly see Team USA taking home the gold.

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